Investment Fund

Financial assistance is available through the Investment Fund for any project that meets the SADC’s sustainability and profitability requirements.

The SADC pays particular attention to projects compatible with economic sectors that are part of the regional development strategy. All serious business projects are eligible except ones in highly competitive sectors. However, the SADC can override this rule in cases of business succession or expansion projects.

The Investment Fund is a tool of choice for community development because its purpose is to encourage job creation and retention in the region.

Types of assistance

Term loan, demand note or line of credit (with or without guarantees).


Loans vary from $5,000 to $150,000 per business in addition to other loans and even if refused by a financial institution

The SADC du Suroît-Sud also partners with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for financing small businesses in the region.  Under this partnership, the BDC has accredited the SADC to authorize additional financing in the Bank’s name, up to twice the amount authorized by the SADC alone. The BDC transacts the loan relying entirely on the SADC’s due diligence, which significantly reduces authorization time for loans.

Both organizations also continue to share their expertise to support large-scale projects. This partnership is available to entrepreneurs undergoing expansion, acquisition and succession.

Target client

Businesses of all sectors with fewer than 200 employees, incorporated or not, an Non-profit organisation or a type of cooperative.

Project status

A start up, acquisition, expansion, modernization or recovery.

Use of funding

Funding may be used for capital expenditures (land, buildings, equipment or inventory) or for working capital.

Eligibility criteria

  • Project must operate within the region under SADC’s jurisdiction
  • Project must demonstrate strong potential, profitable and viable opportunities
  • Project must create full time, sustainable employment

Terms for financing

  • Bank of Canada base interest rate + between 2 and 5 %
  • Amortization may vary between five and ten years, depending on business size
  • Possibility of early repayment without penalty
  • Possibility of a 12 month moratorium on capital

Personalized follow up for business development

Personalized assistance and thorough follow up will be available from the SADC professionals for the duration of your loan.

Region served

Beauharnois-Salaberry and Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC.

Ineligible projects

Projects in a competitive sector that could negatively affect existing businesses in the region. Projects of a political, sexual or religious nature.