Mentoring Program

Mentoring for entrepreneurs is a relationship in which an entrepreneur is matched with an experienced business manager in order to:

  • Validate business strategies and decisions;
  • Acquire self confidence;
  • Develop managerial skills;
  • Build a business network.


This special relationship encourages sharing of values, expertise and self management skills in strict confidentiality.

Mentoree: An entrepreneur who wishes to grow, learn and develop his expertise and sense of entrepreneurship.

  • Must be the principal shareholder or owner of a business that has been operating for more than six months;
  • Is willing to be matched with a mentor for a period of one year.


Mentor: An expert in his business domain, he has the knowledge and experience to guide the mentoree.

  • Is available for 30 to 40 hours per year of volunteer work;
  • Mentors at least one individual per year;
  • Attends at least one professional development workshop per year.


To become a mentor or mentoree, contact our Communications/Marketing and Mentorship Agent at 450.370.3332 or

Five truths about mentoring for entrepreneurs

  1. The survival of a business is considerably increased when the owner is mentored.
  2. Whereas coaches and consultants work on know-how, mentors concentrate on self management skills. A coach helps develop specific competencies, a consultant makes recommendations based on a precise mandate and a mentor guides the mentoree in the role of entrepreneur.
  3. A mentor acts as a guide and confident, helping the mentoree, to deal with isolation, sharpen entrepreneurial instincts, learn to step back and view issues with greater clarity.
  4. To avoid a conflict of interest, the mentor may not operate a business in the same domain as the mentoree and may not go into business with him or her.
  5. Mentoring is not just for entrepreneurs at the start-up stage. It is an invaluable tool in all stages of a business !